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Re: firefox/livehttpheaders problem...

bruce wrote:


i'm having an issue, trying to install a firefox plugin.. (yeah.. i know
this is a linux forum.. but this is getting to be my last hope!!)

i actually downloaded the live*10.xpi to my dir, and used the 'open file'
function of firefox, pointed to the file, thinking it might load it. it
appears to go through the motions and says that the plugin will be loaded
when firefox is restarted.

when i restart firefox, i don't see the tab for the liveheader app... as i
understand it, the tab should be apparent from the 'tools/page info/link,
and that i should then see a 'headers' tab in the 'page info' window.

so, i'm not sure if i've installed the app, but i'm looking for it in the
wrong place. (doubtful based on what i've seen from google) i'm more
inclined to think that it didn't get properly installed. i've also rebooted
the box in the hopes that somehting may have been in a weird state...

i'm using FC3, firefox1, with the liveheaderv10 that i'm trying to install.

any ideas/thoughts would be helpful...


bedouglas earthlink net

Where did this extension come from? I don't see it listed on Mozilla's extension website.


Lexington, Kentucky U.S.A.

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