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Re: OT: Fedora Core 4 can further relase as 4 release 1

--- Nathan Grennan <fedora-list cygnusx-1 org> wrote:

> On Sat, 2005-06-18 at 14:42 -0400, Temlakos wrote:
> > I've also seen some problems that result from
> certain developers--and 
> > anyone here who has tried to build mplayer or
> passwordmanager from 
> > source on FC4 will know /exactly/ what I'm talking
> about--who evidently 
> > refused to bring their code up to the new GNU
> standards. I've seen 
> > another problem with another package that I'll
> discuss separately. The 
> > point is that those aren't inherent Fedora
> problems. I also think we've 
> > got a good team here, and those problems will go
> away--or we'll work 
> > around them.
> I have managed to make multiple mplayer fc4 packages
> based on Livna's
> source rpm. First I used a workaround to get mplayer
> to compile against
> gcc 3.2.3. Then I used the a patch I found in gentoo
> to make it compile
> with gcc4.

Could you share the patch so that others that want to
compile Mplayer may do so.  Is it a matter of doing
something like # export CC=gcc32?  


> http://ws.1sttier.net/~edgan/mplayer/
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