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IMAP and SMTP AUTH using sendmail?

I was thinking of installation IMAP and SMTP on my FC4 box. I haven't used sendmail for anything more than PHP's mail() function but it seems to be the software of choice?

1) I wanted a rundown of what would I need or maybe a HOWTO? Using google, I found some HOWTO documentation but they are vague as far as AUTH and I'm not sure of the terminology used. Maybe someone knows of a more apropos ( ;-) ) HOWTO?

2) Should I stick with sendmail? Any alternatives? What benefits would do they offer? How would that change my PHP setup?

3) As far as SMTP and IMAP, I wanted to use username/password AUTH with some type of encryption (don't want login information to be sent cleartext) since I will be accessing the servers remotely. Assuming I stick with (if I could) sendmail, how would I accomplish this?

4) Adding accounts/mailboxes w/o adding users to my linux box. Again, assuming I stick to sendmail.


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