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Re: Recommended Dual Head AGP card for FC4?

On 6/18/05, Steve Wardell <okapi yahoo com> wrote:
> I've got problems with my current Matrox P650 AGP dual
> head card  (even for single monitor support without
> their proprietary drivers) and want to try to get
> an AGP card that is well supported out of the box for
> dual head with FC4. Preferrably the card should have
> DVI connections for both monitors. This does not have
> to be a fast card as I do not do gaming but I'm
> looking for something that out of the box I can easily
> get FC4 working on both monitors. Any suggestions?

Just about any nVidia card (with their proprietary drivers) that meets
your basic requirements (dual DVI output) should suffice, especially
if you're not after super 3D performance (although you'll likey get
that too).

You can probably get xinerama working with the open source nv driver,
but I've never tried.  I have a Shuttle MN31N motherboard which has
dual VGA outputs and it works beautifuly with FC4.

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