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Re:Where does Evolution store all of its data?

> Hi all,
> I just installed FC4 to my internal hard drive and mistakenly told the
> installer to format my home partition.  Oh well, that's what backups
> are for, right?  I do have a backup and have been restoring things
> selectively instead of just restoring the whole thing.  Since FC4
> moves to a new version of Gnome, I thought that it would be better to
> re-customize anything I wanted to change from the defualts than give
> it all the old configs.  But I really would like to have Evolution
> come back with all my mail, accounts, calendar, etc.  Unfortunately,
> Evolution seems to keep some stuff in more directories than just
> .evolution/.  Like I have found that there is a .gconf/apps/evolution/
> directory.  Even copying both of those directories over, I still have
> to reconfigure my email accounts (Evo comes up with the add first
> account wizard) and it seems all my mail gets dumped back into the
> inbox instead of being nicely sorted.
> Does anyone know exactly where Evo keeps all of its data so that it
> doesn't think that it is starting over from scratch, or at least
> without accounts?  Can I just copy over some files and have Evolution
> come back up like nothing had changed?
> Jonathan
> ------------------------------
Evolution stores them in your home directory as a hidden directory
called .evolution . If you Cd to .evolution you will see directories for
you mail, address book, cache, calendar and tasks.

In the mail directory, you will see directories for you config, local.
pop, vfoder and views.

The directory local/Inbox.sbd will contain a listing of all your folders
and local mail...The folders are actually ASCII files and you can view
them with something like less, more, cat. etc..

Hope this helps


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