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Fedora Core 4 Install Boot Failure

I'm having boot failures from the DVD ISO I wrote. Did get the boot to
work one time and validated that the DVD image was good. Then remembered
that I had not saved off a couple of files and I have not been able to
boot from the media again.

It complains that it can not open VolGroup00/LogVol00. I did a boot
command of:
linux root=/dev/VolGroup00/LogVol00

Which is what is in the grub.conf file. This system is a dual opteron
with a 3ware raid SATA system. Just in case I did try acpi=off which did
not help.

The other option I have explored is a PXE boot, but have not found any
decent instructions for the set up of this configuration. I put in the
dhcpd.conf file:
next-server; # PXE TFTP server

Then copied the two pxeboot files vmlinuz and initrd.img to the tftp
server directory. Finally I created a symlink 0A020207 -> vmlinuz.

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