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Re: Systematic Upgrade from Fedora 1 -> 4

Am So, den 19.06.2005 schrieb Claude Jones um 1:52:

> I've heard this advice repeatedly, but haven't given it much thought. 
> Now, I'm curious. In installing, I've never noticed an option to install 
> particular folders on particular partitions. Is this something I've 
> simply missed, or is there a procedure for doing this? A howto would be 
> welcome - I'm willing to learn on my own.

> Claude Jones

It is no problem - whether during install time or later - to have for
instance /var/www/html as a separate partition, or which I do
/var/spool/mail. (Nearly) Each place in the directory structure can be a
mount point. Or do I misunderstand your question?


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