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Re: tyan k8e - both tigon3 and nvidia ethernet nonfunctional

Am So, den 19.06.2005 schrieb Wolfgang S. Rupprecht um 3:03:

> I just installed FC4 on a tyan k8e (nforce4 w. tigon-3 ethernet).  Not
> only is the nvidia-MAC/marvell 88E1111-CAA PHY inoperative, but the
> Broadcom BCM5721 (tigon3) is too.  They show up as eth0 and eth1 but
> neither show any rx or tx packets in ifconfig.
> A linksys EG1032 (syskonnect) pci card works temporary work around,
> but it is kind of sad that this mobo has two on-board ethernets and
> neither work with the default config.  Is there some standard work
> around I should try to get the either of the ethernets working?
> -wolfgang

I am not a fan of vendor drivers but for the Broadcom NIC following may


I have a different board with nForce4 chipset (sorry, can't tell you
which PHY it has) and there the kernel 2.6 module works properly.


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