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Re: Wired ADSL Problem...

Xia Bin wrote:
> And there is another wired thing I just recalled:
> It's about the MD5SUM, I downloaded all 4 ISO images via Bit torrent
> (Azureus be the client) and it comes out all the 4 ISO images' MD5SUM
> don't match what they "should be" in the MD5SHA file comes with the
> release. As I remembered read somewhere that when doing a BT
> downloading, wrong data will be automatically dropped so there is no
> need to recheck the data onec downloaded. So I didn't give it a damn and
> continued the whole installation.
> Will that HURT?

It is a problem if the checksum does not match. I'm not familiar with
bittorrent. But if you say BT makes sure data is transferred reliably...
then it must be that the source of the BT data was already bad.

Assuming your source of the MD5 checksum numbers are correct/reliable,
and if your ISO don't match... you definitely have a problem there.

Note it is not impossible that installations could still succeed. That
could be because the installation process didn't have to read the part
where the data is bad.



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