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Re: Wired ADSL Problem...

Am So, den 19.06.2005 schrieb Xia Bin um 5:38:

> Thanks for tipping my off I forgot to mention that my ISP only gives me
> dynamic IPs :)
> And for the REAL ISP. Yes that would save me a lot of trouble. But none
> of them I know have business is available here. (It's somewhere in
> southeast China, if you would wonder LOL)

Do not mind. Here in Germany I would guess 98% of all DSL connections
are of the same kind like yours in China. So we better find the
troublemaker rather than to jump providers.

> And there is another wired thing I just recalled:
> It's about the MD5SUM, I downloaded all 4 ISO images via Bit torrent
> (Azureus be the client) and it comes out all the 4 ISO images' MD5SUM
> don't match what they "should be" in the MD5SHA file comes with the
> release. As I remembered read somewhere that when doing a BT
> downloading, wrong data will be automatically dropped so there is no
> need to recheck the data onec downloaded. So I didn't give it a damn and
> continued the whole installation.
> Will that HURT?

I suggest you check the ISO image file sums using sha1sum and you will
be surprised that the will then match the sums given with the SHA1SUM
file. This is noted in the FC4 release notes which contain too some
other helpful information (worth reading).


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