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Re: Is it worth installing FC4?

On Sat, 2005-06-18 at 16:45 +0100, Pedro Lobo wrote:
Hi all, I want to install linux on an extra PC that I have in order to learn I already have FC3 but then read the news about FC4 coming out and held out on installing until I got FC4. I have however read that many have problems and complaints about FC4.

Can anybody let me know if it's worth waiting a bit longer for a newer build of FC4 or should I install FC3 instead or is it ok to install FC4.
I am happy with an install on my laptop.  The only problems with FC4 were caused by left over files in /etc/sysconfig/networking/devices that I forgot to delete when there were no longer being used.  I also needed to turn off spamassassin in Evolution.  It was slowing down my machine.  (I run spamassassin on my email server, a second look doesn't improve the results.) 

Since your intent is to learn, go for it.  If you need it for serious production, go with something more established, FC3 for example.


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