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Infrared <-> Alcatel OneTouch 565

Hi All

A few months ago, when I was still living in sin and blatantly ignorent about 
Linux, I got me a USB irda dongle and used it to connect to my Alcatel One 
Touch 565.  In all honesty, the only thing that actually worked was file 
transfers back and forth but hey that's better then nothing right?

So a while ago I actually managed to get FC to see my dongle and when I was 
running a test, I also managed to have the message "Alcatel 565" appear on 
some kind of irda debugging program (forgot which one).  That was as far I 

Now, I have installed FC4 (test 3) from scratch and need to start over again, 
but I forgot what exactly I did to get this far, *and* what to do in order 

* Be able to transfer files back & forth between Linux and my phone
* optionally (but greatly appreciated) being able to sync calendar/phone 

Thank you for your time and assistance

With kind regards

Andy - FC696E7578342D45564552
Registered Linux User Number 379093
Version: 3.1
GAT/O/>E$ d-(---)>+ s:(+)>: a--(-)>? C++++$(+++) UL++++>++++$ P-(+)>++
L+++>++++$ E---(-)@ W+++>+++$ !N@ o? !K? W--(---) !O !M- V-- PS++(+++)
PE--(-) Y+ PGP++(+++) t+(++) 5-- X++ R*(+)@ !tv b-() DI(+) D+(+++) G(+)
e>++++$@ h++(*) r-->++ y--()>++++
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 under the GPL2 and that are meant for use with a 
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