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FC2 - FC4 dual boot?

Just downloaded FC4, and am willing to try it. However, because I see 
there are a lot of issues with virtual consoles, nvidia, vmware etc., that 
are important to me, I am not willing to give up my stable (and heavilly 
tweaked) FC2 system.

The setup:
I have four partitions: /, /secondroot, /home and swap. /secondroot is empty 
(I once planned to use it to build LFS, but never had the time to do it...), 
and I would like to do a clean FC4 install on it (so for FC4 that would be /, 
and FC2 / would be mounted somewhere inside or not at all). 

The questions:
1) I want /home to be used with both FC2 and FC4. I know nothing about 
selinux, but have read (on this list) that it does some "autorelabeling" or 
whatever. Is selinux going to make any physical change to the filesystem 
(ext3) on /home that would render it unusable under FC2 afterwards? (this is 
very important, because /home is 63 GB full, and I am not willing to lose all 
that data).

2) How to setup GRUB? Currently it is in the MBR on /dev/hda, with two stable 
kernels. Should I let FC4 installation to modify that or should I choose "do 
not install GRUB" and modify it manually after installation?

3) What is the name of the rpm package containing kernel-devel and does it 
have any dependencies that are not on the 4 distribution cds? I don't have an 
Internet connection to use yum, need to download rpms on a windows machine, 
burn them to a cd, and then bring them home... (that is the reason I have 
never installed xine, could not satisfy all dependencies manually). From what 
I read on the list, kernel-devel is needed by nvidia drivers. 

4) Is there any other issue I should be aware of regarding FC2-FC4 
interaction? It is vital that FC4 does not harm FC2 in any way. Later on, if 
I find FC4 stable enough, I will migrate to it and delete FC2 eventually.

Any suggestions?

Best regards, :-))

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