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Re: OT: Fedora Core 4 can further relase as 4 release 1

On Sun, Jun 19, 2005 at 01:49:58AM +0800, Wong Kwok-hon wrote:
> Due to installation problem in Fedora Core, is it a chance  to make
> the Fedora Core 4 to re-issue a newer version to release 2 or like
> Fedora Core 4.1? So lots of people can install it ?

What specific installation problem are you talking about

> Because in past, I noted that when a new vserion release, we
> encountered lots of installation problem and requested to release a
> newer version in installation but igroned.

That's not strictly true. RH developers have made install update images for
previous FC releases before.

> So, is it a time to perform this action ? Just like M$ to tell users
> to replace the computer and installed the OS?


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