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Re: Link for updating FC3-FC4 via yum

On Sun, 2005-06-19 at 11:05 -0400, Neal Wilkinson wrote:
> Someone was kind enough to give me a link here a while back that showed
> how to do this. I've lost it and searched the archives and can't find
> it. Can you please post it again? Thanks. 

I don't know what page you are referring to.
I do know that there are a couple reported gotcha's

1) if you run postgresql - dump the database and turn off the service.
You will need to reload the database from the dump after upgrading -
upgrading postgresql won't work otherwise. Well, it will work, but
database won't start. Not personally experienced this, just what I have
seen reported (I don't run pgsql)

The rest is based on my experiences with going from 1 to 2 and 2 to 3
(didn't do the 3 to 4 thing on any boxes via yum)

2) have the fc4 rpm and python yum rpm's on your local disk - I manually
update those.
I put them all in a common directory - then execute

rpm --test -Uh *.rpm

It usually gives me errors about python packages that need the older
version of python.
I make note of them and rpm -e them. It may require adding some newer
fc4 packages as well (to satisfy new python dependencies)

Oh yeah - I ALWAYS manually backup the rpm database first.
Once rpm --test -Uh *.rpm works in the directory with updated
python/yum/rpm - I do it w/o the --test switch (IE really update them)

Once I have the new fedora rpm/python/yum installed -

3) install the fedora-release-4-2 package from fc4

Make sure only fedora core, updates, and extras is enabled.

then try for the full thing:

yum update

Those are my suggestions - how I have yum upgraded systems from 2 to 3.
I didn't do any systems from 3 to 4 though.

You may need to uninstall some python packages to get python to update
Someone else may know a better (or easier) way.

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