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Re: Plextor px-708a and k3b - UPDATE fixed in new k3b

> >>>Hello;
> >>>  When I fire up k3b and go to:
> >>>settings->Configure k3b->Devices
> >>>
> >>>It says that the drive will not write DVD+R(RW)S
> >>>That is not correct, it does and works under XP.
> >>>I upgraded the BIOS to 1.10 with the same result.

> > So it seems that device is not weel recognized.
> > Eric
> I think it may be that cdrecord doesn't report DVD+R(W) capabilities
> at 
> all. Having just tried "cdrecord -prcap" on my own drive (which I 
> believe to be capable of writing DVD+R(W)), there again is no mention
> of 
> DVD+R(W). I've never actually tried writing that type of media.
> Paul.


[root localhost mick]# rpm -qa k3b

[root localhost mick]# uname -r

Now the drive works fine.
The new k3b is much nicer and has a better gui.

Mick M.

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