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FC4 Screensaver - Works when manaully started, not working otherwise

Hi all,

Since installing FC4 last week, I cannot seem to get the screensavers to
work after the time delay configured. By default, I just use the blank
screen saver.

It works when I manually lock the screen, but not otherwise.

Trying some of the screen savers manually from the menu, I can run each
of the ones that I try, including the GL savers.

HW is a Dell 5150 laptop, running in dual-display, non-xinerama mode.
The graphics card is a nVidia GeForce FX Go5200. I have tried both the
nVidia 7174 and 7664 installers as well as the Livna 7174 RPMs.

I am using the same xorg.conf that I created for FC3.

The xscreensaver daemon is running.

This was a clean install of FC4, not an upgrade.

I have not seen other posts on this and checking Bugzilla comes up
empty. I also checked the nVidia forums and nothing there.

Is anyone else seeing this, either on nVidia based systems or others?

Any thoughts?


Marc Schwartz

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