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Re: FC3 upgrade to FC4

Am So, den 19.06.2005 schrieb Robert Buick um 20:36:

> After a successful & trouble free FC4 upgrade of my RH9 box I decided to
> upgrade my dual-boot Inspiron 8500 notebook from FC3 to FC4 and now have
> a couple of immediate problems.
> 1)Whilst upgrading I used the default Boot Loader Configuration option
> i.e. 'Update boot loader configuration' instead of 'Skip boot loader
> updating' and consequently cannot now boot to Windows. Any ideas how
> this can be rectified? 

Your grub.conf changed? What happens when you choose the Windows® entry
in grub's boot screen.

> 2) I am also unable to get the NVIDIA drivers to install using the
> latest NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-7664-pkg1 drivers and download of the
> kernel-2.6.11-1.1369_FC4.src.rpm (installed as root).

You don't need the kernel src.rpm - the kernel-devel rpm is sufficient.
Then make sure that your graphics card is supported by the latest
NVidia.com driver and not one of the legacy models (readme file on
nvidia.com). Further there are reports by several people that the use of
the proprietary fails. As Fedora can't do much about that you will
better contact NVidia and/or search their support forum.

> Rob Buick


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