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FC4 installed in a VirtualPC 2004, cannot type special chars

I have successfully isntalled FC4 in a Virtual PC 2004 virtual
computer. I also managed to configure the VPN tunnel to my corporate
LAN via PPTP (just done). :-)

But now I have a strange problem, I want to connect to a cvs server on
the remote lan and so I intended to type the terminal window command:
cvs -d :pserver:user 10 0 0 9:/repo
but surprise! hitting the AltGr-2 key combination produces nothing at
all! Should give me @

In fact NONE of the special characters @ $ { [ ] } \ | are possible to
enter through the keyboard!
I have a Swedish keyboard and I told FC4 about it during install. It
accurately gives me the Swedish characters ÅÄÖ åäö but fails to give
me the characters listed above, which are all accessed via the AltGr +
<key> combination on a Swedish keyboard.

In case you wonder I *have* changed the VirtualPC key for moving mouse
control from the virtual PC to the host PC from AltGr to Right-Ctrl,
so the AltGr key should be available for FC4.

I asked about this same problem previously when I tested FC3 but did
not get a resolution then. Can someone here conform that one can type
these characters on a FC3 or FC4 installation on a *real* PC with a
Swedish keyboard connected?

I don't know if this is a FC4 or VPC problem...

Bo Berglund

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