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Re: Installation Issue FC4

Am Mo, den 20.06.2005 schrieb John Johnson um 16:07:


> I have an interesting problem with installing FC4.  The machine I am
> attempting to install on is a test box consisting of an Asus P2B
> motherboard with an 800Mhz proc and one gig of RAM.  I have a samsung
> DVD/CD R/W combo drive as well as a standard 40x CDROM and a couple of
> 200 GB IDE Drives.
> When I attempt to install the bios detects the bootable CD in the
> drive and gives me the screen to Upgrade/Install Core 4.  When I hit
> enter the screen changes to the text install mode and ask the country
> and then the language I wish to install.  Once those questions are
> answered the CD ejects and the installer ask for the installation CD
> to be inserted into the drive and then hit enter.

> John

Try installing with entering "linux ide=nodma" at install boot prompt.


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