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Re: Orinoco driver 0.15 and FC3/FC4

On Tue, Jun 14, 2005 at 04:31:58PM +0200, Thomas V. Fischer wrote:
 > Does anyone know if the orinoco 0.15 driver is or will soon be incorporated in 
 > the kernel source?

There's a number of orinoco patches headed upstream right now.
Having suffered the 'experience' of the crap orinoco driver whilst
travelling last week, I have a personal interest in getting this
in shape soon, so I don't have to do silly things like..
booting Windows to find out the ESSID of available AP's.

I'll look at getting it into all current releases 'soon'.
Right now I'm buried alive in last weeks email. Upon digging
myself out from under it all, I'll be rebasing FC3/FC4 to the
2.6.12 release now its out-the-door. This is quite a bit of
work though, as a number of the patches we added
(like the IDE fixes, Xen etc), broke, and need some TLC.


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