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RE: wget or wput

I found the solution:
...: ncftpput which is standard linux. I tried it and it works, as far
as now.
...: ncftpget is the opposite.

I must thank michael for this.
Off course you to, I just took the simple way
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Rahul Sundaram wrote:

|> How can I put a file with ftp non-interactive from myplace to
|> any-server-anywhere.

| ftpcopy is probably what you want. Unfortunately its without a
| maintainer now
| http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Extras/OrphanedPackages

Curl can probably do it: it can do HTTP POST and file upload, etc.  But
consider scp too if you can handle ssh-add to manage the passphrase, or
a key with no passphrase (not a great idea).

- -Andy
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