FC4/x86-64 install problem, system resets after kernel boot

scotsman at san.rr.com scotsman at san.rr.com
Mon Jun 20 18:21:54 UTC 2005

I am attempting to install FC4/x86_64 onto an Athlon64 3400+ system. The
DVD boots and I reach lilo with no problems. When lilo loads the the
kernel/initrd the system does a hard reset. It does not mattre what I
type (linux, linux text, linux noapic, linux rescue, ...) the same thing
occurs. I am able to boot and install FC3/x86_64 DVD with no problems.

I downloaded the updated boot.iso for FC4 from the Fedora ftp site and
the same thing occurs. The DVD and the updated boot.iso have different
kernel revs.

Does anyone have any ideas why the system does a hard reset at kernel
load of FC4 when FC3 functions correctly?



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