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Re: ATi Mobility Radeon 9800 drivers

On 19 Jun 2005 at 16:15, R L wrote:

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> I am trying to get drivers for my Inspiron notebook.  It has a ATi
> Mobility Radeon 9800.  I am using a custom kernel that I downloaded
> and compiled, 2.6.12.  When I:
> yum install ati-fglrx kernel-module-fglrx-`(uname -r)` , there is no
> module for 2.6.12.  How would I install the drivers in my situation?
> And this is totally unrelated and I didn't want to start another
> email, but has anyone successfuly GHOSTED (Norton Ghost) a Fedora Core
> 4 drive?  In Fedora Core 3 you couldn't do that.  There would be
> errors.  Wondering if FC4 would be any different.  Probably not.

As an addition to another response, Norton Ghost can do a copy if 
sector mode, but it then copies every sector, and results in a large 
file if these sectors contain random information. This is also true with 
G4U and G4L, since they do raw copies with dd. Clearing out the 
unused sectors makes a huge difference. Once did an image after a 
clearn install of a 80GB drive, create a 12GB image. Then cleared 
the unused sectorrs, and created a new mage, only 2.5GB. I also 
found using the lzop compress instead of gzip results in about twice 
the speed, but about 15% larger image. 

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