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Anyone managed typing @ with Swedish keyboard on FC4?

Installed FC4 two days ago...
Now I have great problems in using my Swedish keyboard....

If I set the preferences for the Swedish keyboard I can easily type
åäö and ÅÄÖ (swedish special characters) but not @ { [ ] } |.
These characters are reached by using RightAlt (AltGr) + the keys 2 7
8 9 0 < respectively.
But when I do so nothing at all happens.
To type the special characters $ £ and € (currency symbols) with a
Swedish keyboard you use AltGr + the keys 3 4 and e respectively.
The really strange thing now is that these characters *do* work in the
Terminal window but *NOT* inside the Text Editor!!!

So in summary with a Swedish keyboard I cannot write the address of an
email (@ missing) or create programs ({[]}| are all missing).
But using the same escape key (AltGr) it is possible to type £$€ but
only in the Terminal window, not in Text Editor....

Can someone please explain this and also guide me on how to restore
the normal working of the AltGr key combinations on my keyboard.
I suspect that this problem also hits all other European FC4 users...

Bo Berglund

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