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RE: iso images

Sometimes it helps to slow your burner down a little.  Try 12-16x speed,
instead of a zillionX speed.



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On 6/20/05, Lester Calver <elux airnet com au> wrote:
> Guys, I'm having trouble getting this dist [core 4]. Have downloaded
> from 3 mirrors via ftp, used gftp, flashfxp & filezilla and tried CD
> version and DVD version isos. Burned using k3b, Nero 6.6, Nero 5, Clone
> CD and still get failures during the install media check facility. Also,
> ignoring that, the installation does fail. Tried the torrent last night
> and also got a fail with the installer media check. All other Linux
> dists have worked ok, I can't think what has happened here, I just can't
> get a successful iso. Anyone have any ideas?


The media check is faulty - mentioned many times on this list

Run the SHA1 test against the iso - if it passes then try the install.


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