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Re: FC4: choppy sound - seems to be ESD? - more info

On Mon, 2005-06-20 at 20:33 -0300, Brian Mury wrote:
> I am experiencing choppy sound since installing FC4. The "chop" is very
> fast and regular - sort of a machine gun sound.
> This doesn't always occur. I've tried a couple programs (xine, gaim)
> that let me choose the sound output device, and it only seems to happen
> when they are set to ESD. Anybody else experiencing this? Any fixes?

A bit more info:

If I go to the gnome multimedia systems selector and select ALSO or OSS
for audio output, then hit the Test button, the test tone sounds fine,
as does a .wav playing in Totem. If I select ESD, both the test tone and
totem sound as described above.

I tried creating a new user to see if there was some config file
leftover from FC3 that was causing problems - no luck (I did a fresh
install of FC4 but kept my home directory).

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