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Re: iso images

ah thanks, good tip :)
I finally did on my last attempt tho [burned at 8x]. No avail tho :(


Jhorne Linux wrote:
Sometimes it helps to slow your burner down a little.  Try 12-16x speed,
instead of a zillionX speed.



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On 6/20/05, Lester Calver <elux airnet com au> wrote:
Guys, I'm having trouble getting this dist [core 4]. Have downloaded
from 3 mirrors via ftp, used gftp, flashfxp & filezilla and tried CD
version and DVD version isos. Burned using k3b, Nero 6.6, Nero 5, Clone
CD and still get failures during the install media check facility. Also,
ignoring that, the installation does fail. Tried the torrent last night
and also got a fail with the installer media check. All other Linux
dists have worked ok, I can't think what has happened here, I just can't
get a successful iso. Anyone have any ideas?


The media check is faulty - mentioned many times on this list

Run the SHA1 test against the iso - if it passes then try the install.



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