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RE: PHP operation Problem


you can always find the required RPM for your version of FC, and do a
rpm -Uvh "foo.rpm" which will more or less upgrade/write your foo over the
current version...

however, if you want to completely remove php, and start fresh, then rpm -e
will get you there... but i don't know if you'll get there with all your
hair, given the potential dependency issues you might run into...

my primary concern is that  you state that php is installed, but that some
functions of it appear to be screwing up...

not to insult your intelligence, but have you created a simple piece of code
to do a for-loop and run the simple app from the php command line?


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It seems that some of my php scripts don't get executed properly on a FC2
install, php is installed and seems to be working OK until I put in a
foreach loop which just doesn't work.

The script is definitely OK as it works on other servers.

So I'm looking at rebuilding PHP on this machine, do I first need to rpm -e
php* and reinstall or is there a better way?
Can I also use yum to reinstall it maybe?


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