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Re: How to stop file browsing creating new folders?

On 6/20/05, Jim Cornette <fc-cornette insight rr com> wrote:
> I'll file a bug upstream to see if the default behavior can be changed.

It won't be, but you can file the bug anyway.  Just don't be surprised
when it's closed WONTFIX or NOTABUG.  See bugs 157527 147034 135690 &
134447 at bugzilla.gnome.org for a sample of what's likely to happen
to your bug.

There's nothing "more sane" about navigational mode over spatial mode.
 But it's inappropriate to argue that here.
> Thanks for the info, I thought that it was initialized as default on the
> distribution level.

Some distributions make liberal changes to package defaults.  One
reason I like Fedora is that they don't.  The GNOME usability wizards
know what they're doing.

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