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Re: PHP operation Problem

Am Dienstag, den 21.06.2005, 10:56 +1000 schrieb stefaan:
> It seems that some of my php scripts don't get executed properly on a FC2
> install, php is installed and seems to be working OK until I put in a
> foreach loop which just doesn't work.

Don't get me wrong. I use foreach loops on Core[1-4] to.
Maybe you have selinux enabled? 

What do you see in /var/log/messages?

> The script is definitely OK as it works on other servers.
> So I'm looking at rebuilding PHP on this machine, do I first need to rpm -e
> php* and reinstall or is there a better way?
> Can I also use yum to reinstall it maybe?

Why do all of you think that compiling is the mother of all goods?

Afterwards you compile your php version, who is fixing for you the
security stuff? And if you do that please build a package.

But i do not think your issue regards to an broken php version.

Else tons of boxes out there would not work.
> Stefaan

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