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Re: How to stop file browsing creating new folders?

At 10:24 PM -0300 6/20/05, Ben Steeves wrote:
>On 6/20/05, Jim Cornette <fc-cornette insight rr com> wrote:
>> I'll file a bug upstream to see if the default behavior can be changed.
>It won't be, but you can file the bug anyway.  Just don't be surprised
>when it's closed WONTFIX or NOTABUG.  See bugs 157527 147034 135690 &
>134447 at bugzilla.gnome.org for a sample of what's likely to happen
>to your bug.
>There's nothing "more sane" about navigational mode over spatial mode.
> But it's inappropriate to argue that here.

(Note that I'm a fan of spatial mode.)

I think what Jim wants is for there to be an obvious mode switch in
Nautilus windows.  Probably it should be a choice in the View menu and also
a preference for default mode and View As.

>Some distributions make liberal changes to package defaults.  One
>reason I like Fedora is that they don't.  The GNOME usability wizards
>know what they're doing.

They've already done all the work.  Now they need to make it clearly
available to the users.
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