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Re: PHP operation Problem

Tony Nelson wrote:
At 4:40 AM +0200 6/21/05, Stefan Held wrote:

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Am Dienstag, den 21.06.2005, 12:21 +1000 schrieb stefaan:

It's happening on Fedora core 2, I'm not running Selinux, unless FC turned
it on by itself.

Nothing of significance in the message log, the logs simply show the script
being accessed and executed without errors.

This is a basic test script that fails


$test1 = array(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6);

foreach($test1 as $out)
	echo $out."\n";


And it just prints the words array rather then the 1,2,3...

Tested that on a few boxes, including one Core2 works on every machine like expected. ( With official updates, not self compiled ).

maybe you try moving your php.ini.org and look for the original php.ini

As foreach is a core function this should not happen. Sure that this box
is clean and not compromised?


foreach appears to be working, as stefaan says it "Returns aray aray aray
aray rather then 1,2,3,4" (hopefully he meant to go up to 6).  What's wrong
is the value of $out.  (I know nothing about PHP.)
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Stefaan, What does print_r($test1) output?? -Bob

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