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Re: USB mounting - unmounting on FC4 comaped to FC1

Anil Kumar Sharma wrote:

On FC1, USB drive mount/dismount was available on right click after plugging the device in.
Its operation was also very pridctable like
-- option appearing with desktop right click menu
-- icon appering on desktop for mounted drive and rightclick menu showing tic mark
-- indicator glowing only when data transferring. -- after umnount by right click path tic mark vanishing
-- after unplugging the option of USB mount not showing alongside cdrom
-- appeared like a total solution
ON FC4 I was expecting same or better working with USB but its operation is unpredictable like
-- plugging in, does create activity.
-- console mount command need be issed. Icon appears on desktop.
-- USB indicator LED off until first data transfer happen.
-- LED continues to glow even after data transfer completes and unmount command!
can someone help me streamline this unpredictable working
Anil Kumar Shrama


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is there an entry in /etc/fstab?
the same line used to manually turn it on: put in /etc/fstab?

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