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FC4 glitches

The FC4 installation went flawlessly on an NCS laptop, and I was getting
ready to congratulate the FC4 team for the good job. 

Then it's when I got hit by the "grub hanging on stage2" bug. It's my
wife's laptop from work, and there has to be a dual boot with Xp. I boot
from rescue disk, /sbin/grub-install /dev/hda and I reboot. Except that
now it says Grub loading stage 1.5. It boots though. (Does anybody know
why the 1.5 now?) 

Anyway, that's nothing, I tell myself, I'm glad the fix was so easy. Let's
be positive and still say good things to the FC4 team. The vital
components work: X, network, sound, etc. so good job. Yea, I read about
the Ctrl-C not working at the console, but so what? As soon as I
log in, I update the system and all is well. Except that I can't log
out anymore. Yes, that's true: I always change the boot level to 3, and do
startx. Now when I want to log out (exit from X), I don't get back the
console prompt. Just a black screen. Both as user and as root. Looks like
X is not shutting down properly. 

Oh, well, at least I can log out when booting to level 5, so let's
re-arrange the launchers on the panels and get rid of the very annoying
top panel (stupid Mandrake, I believe they came up with this fashion). 
a couple of more shortcuts to set up (will I ever be able to define a
shortcut for the shell from some menu???) and I'm finally ready to get
online to say good things to the developers. 

But hey! Where'd pan go? (Yes, I read this list through gmane). 

Oh, one more thing. The keyboard layout of this laptop is annoying: the
Ctrl key is not the very lower left corner (the Fn is), but the one next
to it. And as a heavy emacs user and with all the Ctrls in the shortcuts,
it's driving me crazy. How do I swap Fn and Ctrl? Is xmodmap the only way? 
Any gui?

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