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Re: Invalid context with latest SELinux update

Daniel J Walsh wrote:
Paul Howarth wrote:

On Mon, 2005-06-20 at 13:52 -0400, Paul Davis wrote:

I have the exact same error, however when I check the System Tools -

Systems Logs SELinux appears to load without any problems.

I still can't believe that no-one else has this problem, it appeared
after the last SELinux update.

You aren't the only one. IIRC I edited out the offending clause that had
the syntax error, did a "make reload"
in /etc/sysconfig/selinux/src/targeted/policy (which then worked) and
then put back in the offending clause and did another "make reload". It
seemed to be happy then.


What was the offending clause. I have not been able to reproduce this.

Erik wrote:
Yes, and here is what make told me:

[root epo policy]# make reload
mkdir -p /etc/selinux/targeted/policy
/usr/bin/checkpolicy -o /etc/selinux/targeted/policy/policy.18
/usr/bin/checkpolicy:  loading policy configuration from policy.conf
domains/unconfined.te:19:ERROR 'syntax error' at token '{' on line 3894:
typeattribute tty_device_t { tty_device_t devpts_t };
typealias unconfined_t alias { kernel_t init_t initrc_t logrotate_t
sendmail_t sshd_t secadm_t sysadm_t rpm_t rpm_script_t xdm_t };
/usr/bin/checkpolicy:  error(s) encountered while parsing configuration
make: *** [/etc/selinux/targeted/policy/policy.18] Error 1
[root epo policy]#

This is the same thing I saw. It was a few days ago, I didn't write down exactly what I did to fix it and unfortunately I'm unable to reproduce this problem now.

All I can think of right now is that the policy.conf above appears to be built from a combination of the 1.17.30-3.2 and 1.17.30-3.9 sources.

The 1.17.30-3.2 version of domains/unconfined.te has:

define(`admin_tty_type', `{ tty_device_t devpts_t }')

(this definition can also be found in types/apache.te)

The 1.17.30-3.9 version of domains/unconfined.te has (at line 19):

typeattribute tty_device_t admin_tty_type;

If the "old" macro definition is still around somehow, this results in expanded text of:

typeattribute tty_device_t { tty_device_t devpts_t };

and there's the syntax error that appears in the error message above.

I haven't figured out how this happens yet, but someone with a still-broken system might be able to provide sufficient data to diagnose it.


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