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Re: How to stop file browsing creating new folders?

At 12:19 PM -0300 6/21/05, Ben Steeves wrote:
>Thought you might find this interesting/apropos:

As a MacOS person, I note that this is not describing any "spacial" view,
but rather a non-spacial hierarchical list view (often called a "tree view"
on MSWindows).  "Spacial" refers to windows and icons staying where /you/
put them, rather than being moved at the whim of the program.  Macintosh
had the "spatial" and list ideas in the Finder over 20 years ago; Steve and
his NeXTies tried to obliterate the spacial view in MOSX with the "browser"
view, but it snuck back in.  The hierarchical list view came in with System
7, as I recall.

>According to http://live.gnome.org/ReleasesNotes2p12Items this is
>going to make it into GNOME 2.12.  Looks like it might relieve part of
>your problem.  I must admit that I do like spatial navigation in OS X
>-- it will be nice to have navigation in GNOME that doesn't break

I don't think this new feature is relevent to his problem, but perhaps he
will like it anyway. :)
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