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Re: Anyone managed typing @ with Swedish keyboard on FC4?

On Tue, 21 Jun 2005 13:33:40 -0400, Tony Nelson
<tonynelson georgeanelson com> wrote:

>>>Not sure I can help you though. But have you tried to run
>>>system-config-keyboard? Have you made any changes in Kde/Gnome regarding
>>I just installed FC4 from the CD:s I downloaded from Chalmers and
>>during that process I told it I had a Swedish keyboard. ...
>Is this the install on VirtualPC where you were having trouble with it
>taking the Alt key?

Yes, but the thing is:
1) I changed the VPC mouse switch key to right-Ctrl
2) I discovered that the Terminal and Text Editor windows in FC4
behave differently. In Terminal I can actually use the AltGr-4 to
create the $, but in TextEdit nothing happens at all. Like for the
other special keys.

>If this installation was done on VirtualPC, I expect that there is still
>some confusion about the Alt key.  Even if VPC isn't stealing it now,
>perhaps the keyboard software is set up as if it were and is using some
>other key, or has none set at all.  I don't know what software that would
>be, whether directly associtated with the keyboard or something in X.

At first I thought that the issue was about VPC stealing the key, but
then after changing it and finding that in some applications the AltGr
actually did work I decided it was not a VPC issue.
And after faring bad on the VPC newsgroup when mentioning Fedora there
I decided not to mention VPC here, lest I would be scalded...

I still think it is something in FC4, but I don't really understand
where to go. I have read about X and its peculiarities but after
checking a fie thta was mentioned in that post I found nothing
strange. In fact if I look at that file it seems like my keys should

Tinker, tinker, tinker....

I'm back again. Now I checked OpenOffice Writer and amazingly this
application actually does show the complete set of special characters!
So the situation is this:
OpenOffice Writer:  All keys work
Terminal: I can type $£€ but no other special characters
TextEdit: Not a single special char works

How did this happen? I thought that the operating system was handling
the keyboard and the applications were just receiving keystroke codes,
but in FC4 it seems like the applications individually handle the
keyboard themselves. Strange.

Bo Berglund

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