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Re: cyrus-imapd and dovecot

Am Di, den 21.06.2005 schrieb Marcos-Fedora Brazil um 22:38:

> occur this error
> what is?
> maresias:/etc/sysconfig#telnet maresias 110
> Trying
> Connected to maresias.acib.com.br (
> Escape character is '^]'.
> +OK maresias.acib.com.br Cyrus POP3 v2.2.12-Invoca-RPM-2.2.12-1.1.fc3 server 
> ready <3215340298 1119386209 maresias acib com br>
> user marcosunip
> +OK Name is a valid mailbox
> pass xxxxxxx
> -ERR [SYS/PERM] Unable to locate maildrop: Mailbox does not exist 

You didn't create the mailbox user.marcosunip (or user/marcosunip when
using unixhieracyhsep). Cyrus-IMAPd does only autocreate mailboxes
automatically if a) the autocreate patch is applied (is the case with
the version Fedora ships) and b) the configuration of the autocreate is
done. Else you have to manually create each mailbox (top level) by hand.
Are you really sure you did read the documentation carefully enough?


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