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ping with crossover cable

On 6/17/05, Kevin J. Cummings <cummings kjchome homeip net> wrote:
> > I just want transfer a small file between the computers as a test.
> Ignore the internet connection for now (unplug eth0 is you want to) and
> concentrate on the following network connections:
> arakis eth1 <==> hub <==> caladon eth0
> If you've plugged in the cables right, you should see "link" lights on
> your hub light up for each connection (yes?).

yes, the hub lights up for each connection.  for added simplicity,
I've dispensed with the hub.  I have no reason to doubt that the
hub works correctly, but that's not yet established.  I'm using a
crossover cable.

> use system-config-network to configure each ethernet card.

in linux, arrakis eth1:

activate device when computer starts:			yes
allow all users to enable and disable the device:	yes
enable IPv6 configuration for this interface:		yes
Automatically obtain IP address settings with:		dhcp
hostname:						arrakis
automatically obtain DNS information from provider:	yes

Statically set IP address:
Subnet mask:
Default gateway address:	

what I'm seeing in the system-config-network gui doesn't 100%
match with what I'm looking for.  I'm not seeing NETMASK or

background, if you like:

experiments with ping, linux and windows

using an ethernet crossover cable I conducted some simple
experiments with ping between two computers, arrakis and caladan.
For now, I just want to be able to re-produce a succesful ping.

arrakis is the "problem" computer, it has two NIC's, eth0 and
eth1.  arrakis is dual-boot with windows 2000 and fedora core 3.
neither NIC is fully co-operating. I've had some success
with eth1, no success with eth0.  eth0 is the on-board NIC.

caladan is the backup computer, older but simpler.  with such
a small hard drive, it's just windows 2000 (for the moment).
caladan has access to the internet, but just one NIC.  with
just one ethernet port, caladan can either connect to the
internet with a wi-fi 802.11b/g network adapter or connect
to arrakis with the crossover cable, but not both simultaneously.

the 802.11b/g network adapter only seems to work in caladan,
it was working in caladan, but after resetting the network
adapter, no more.

by booting both computers simultaneously, as I recall, into
win2k I was able to ping.  on arrakis, "ping caladan" gave
good results, and on caladan "ping arrakis" also gave good
results, no lost packets.  the crossover cable was plugged
into eth1 for arrakis and eth0 for caladan (caladan just
has the one port, anyhow).

this establishes that the cross-over cable is ok, and that
eth1 for arrakis and eth0 for caladan are all working ok :)

I then tried mixing up a few things, like switching back
to the regular ethernet cable, and connecting arrakis
and caladan via a hub, also I tried booting arrakis in
linux, I also tried the crossover cable in eth0 for
arrakis, under windows.

after trying some different combinations I'm now unable
to reproduce any sort of ping at all.  for the moment,
I just want to reproduce that ping. I should've kept
a log of what I was doing, I guess!

this is somewhat off-topic in that it's windows-windows,
but, of course, it'll soon be linux-windows and then
linux-linux, so it's also on topic to the list :)

this is the first time I've been able to sit down with
these computers, sorry if some of my questions aren't
the best.  thank you for the help.



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