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Re: FC4 and GFS 6.1

Garry Harthill wrote:

I have installed FC4 and I am hoping to install a GFS cluster using
GFS 6.1 but I have found that it needs Redhat Cluster Suite v4 (or
does it?). This release of cluster suite isn't even released yet!!

How am I supposed to configure GFS on FC4? Is this possible? Has
anyone else managed it?

I have used Redhat Cluster Suite 3 on RHEL3 along with GFS 6.0 (with
this release you are not required to install the cluster suite) but
really want to test GFS 6.1 because it is more tightly intergrated
with the present redhat clustering software.

I just can't understand why Fedora bundled GFS 6.1 with FC4 and even
added it as one of the main features of this release - when you cannot
use it because they haven't released Cluster Suite 4 with it. It is
next to useless without this major piece of software.

Any ideas?

There is a program located in rawhide called system-config-cluster. It has tools to set items up for the cluster. I of course am stumbling around in the program with no idea as to how to use it. This might be helpful to you though.
Can you point to any documentation that is more than promotional? I have not found any step by step documentaion for setting up the cluster.


-- Never put off till run-time what you can do at compile-time. -- D. Gries

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