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Re: Visualizations

On Tue, 2005-06-21 at 21:27 -0400, C.Beamer wrote:

> Second, I installed amaroK, which works fine.  I DO have libvisual and
> libvisual-devel on my system.  However, in order for the visualizations
> to work in amaroK, amaroK needs the libvisual-plugin and although you
> can install amaroK from FC4 rpms, it does not include the plugin to make
> the visualizations work within amaroK.  And because amaroK is a KDE
> application, it is unlikely that I can build any of the amaroK related
> programs from source tarball.  Again, any direction here would be
> appreciated.
> Take care,
> Colleen

libvisual-plugins should be hitting a Fedora Extras mirror near you very
i'm guessing it will be available tomorrow or maybe tonight. It's been
through the build system and successfully built, so it's waiting to be
signed - which for security reasons is a manual process (and should
remain so) but that usually happens within 24 hours of building.

The problem with building libvisual-plugins is not a KDE issue, the
makefile neglected to specify -mmmx to the CFLAGS which gcc4 is picky
about (libvisual-plugins is not a KDE app) - one of the plugins just
doesn't build with gcc4 (I haven't tried to patch it, don't really care
to to be honest) and some of them build but cause bad crashes when
selected (at least in totem via libvisual gstreamer plugin).
Additionally there was an rpath issue that apparently was causing x86_64
issues. But it is built now and should be available *very* soon.

As far as krecipe - I don't know about krecipe. I wish I could help in
that respect, but I really know very little about KDE. It is possible
that Fedora/RH has patched gcc4 to deal with the KDE issues, is there a
configure switch to tell it to ignore compiler blacklist? If not, that
imho is a bug with KDE - they should allow a blacklist ignore option if
they are going to blacklist a compiler.

Hopefully a KDE user reading this list who knows how to deal with it
will step up and contribute it to Fedora Extras.

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