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Re: Question about yum

Hoffmann wrote:

Hi All:
First of all, thanks to the people that repplied me
So, yum comes with FC4? I mean don't need to make the
download from yum website? I have typed yum on my
shell, and nothing happened...
Could I hear from you again?

If you upgraded and yum was not on your system before, an upgrade would not add or give you a choice to add newly added packages to your system.
/usr/share/comps-extras/whichcd.py yum
yum-2.3.2-7.noarch.rpm is on disc 1

Adding the desired package after the script will show you where the rpm is located.

Navigating the CD should allow you to double-click on the yum file. Choosing the action to install the package should prompt for the root password and proceed to install yum on your system.

After you have the program installed. "yum install program" will install other programs for you.
"yum -y update" will update/install newe programs without the need to answer yes to the "Is this OK" prompt before proceeding with the installation. Simple typing "yum upgrade" will ask you the question and you can check what yum wants to do before proceeding with the upgrade.

yum clean packages will remove packages from your cache and save disk space after the transaction is completed. Otherwise, you could let the rpms stay there.

It is not that bad of a program when there are no deps fromone repository to another colliding. For standard repos only, things should run fairly trouble free.

info yum
should give you more infomation for specific options for yum.


Never put off till run-time what you can do at compile-time.
		-- D. Gries

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