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Re: postfix-mysql 2.2.2 for FC4

Hi Thomas,

thanks for your answer. But how can i get it and how can i change it, because it is an srpm, or isnĀ“t it? I mean, what do i need to do?

i think:
1) grab it from dvd
2) extract ??? (not sure)
3) modify the spec
4) rebuild it (but how?)
5) modify release-tag (how and into what?)

Sorry for these detailed questions - would be very great if somebody can explain it to me (newbie)

Thanks a lot,


Thomas Woerner wrote:

Thomas Trepper wrote:

Hi all,

i am searching for an rpm for postfix-mysql for fedora core 4 (FC4), that allows me to use mysql-support from postfix. The "build-in" version is 2.2.2.

I search google, rpmfind, etc and did not find anything, but i do not know how to add it otherwise. (newbie)

Does anybody know a link to download an rpm for that?

Thank you very much and best regards,


Just take the FC4 postfix SRPM and set MYSQL in line 2 to 1 in the spec file. Rebuild the rpm and there you are.

Do not forget to modify the release tag to prevent mixture of official and your own packages.

Ciao, Thomas

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