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PXE/KS FC2 Installs

List readers -

I have made major break throughs in my efforts to get PXE/KS fc2
installs to work.

However I have a new issue this morning, I fire up the test box, it goes
out, gets an IP, gets the kickstart script, begins the install albeit in
an X window. There was an error installing 'X'.rpm This can indicate a
media failure, lack of disk space, and/or hardware problem. This is a
fatal error and your install will be aborted. Please verify your media
and try your install again.

Well, when I reboot the system to try again, it fails on yet another
RPM. I rsync'd the RPMS down from loop-mounted ISOs so I am unsure why
it is complaining of bad media. Has anyone else had this problem, and
how do we work around this issue? I see nothing in any logs on the
server providing the install media.

OK, I grabbed another test box, exactly like the first one, and yes, the
random RPM complaints seems to carry over to another new box, I had to
flash the bios to upgrade the version of PXE on the test box and now
that's fine and it can see the dhcpd server fine. Just seems to randomly
pick an RPM and complain about it, then wants a reboot. Has anyone else
seen this? And if so, how do I correct the issues?

Thanks as always

Michael Weiner

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