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Re: Browsers for those IE-only sites

Yes, I need something that has the 'features' of IE- or at least the
bugs. The sites in question are hebrew sites, so I don't think that
links would be of any use, but the problem is not in the right-to-left
text direction. I think that any sites that are written like these
would not work in latin-based languages either. Certain pages just
refresh themselves every half second in Firefox. Others have real
content in those mouse-over pop-up windows. A lot of hebrew sites are
like that. I keep complaining to the webmasters, but little (nothing
ever) gets done. They tell me to go download IE. I explain that
microsoft does not have a linux version of IE available. No good. Most
of the sites in question have .asp file extensions. I suspect that
there are only a few Israeli web design firms, and they insist in
MS-only code.

In any case, what can be done to use these sites? I do depend on them.
I had to reboot into windows today to use one. And I was planning on
erasing that partion when I install FC4 (tomorrow).


On 6/22/05, Kenneth Porter <shiva sewingwitch com> wrote:
> --On Wednesday, June 22, 2005 3:27 PM -0400 Tony Nelson 
> <tonynelson georgeanelson com> wrote:
> > There are also some sites that actually require features of MSIE
> > that don't exist in other browsers.
> And some sites depend on bugs in MSIE, such as its ignoring of Content-type
> and inferring the type from some other input such as the initial page 
> content. For instance, I ran into a traceroute page that was outputting 
> HTML, but the MIME type reported was text/plain, so Moz displayed the 
> source instead of the rendered HTML.
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Dotan Cohen


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