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Re: Fresh FC4 install issues

James Bridge wrote:>>>

> I'm glad that it worked for you to replace the files. I copied the
> libvgahw.a file over from a system that had FC3 installed in much
> the same way that you described. The mga_drv.o was probably not
> needed, since you are not using an mga card. I doubt it hurt
> anything though.

Hi Jim - you were right, the mga driver makes no difference. But changing the FC3 libvgahw.a file for the FC4 version causes a blank white screen and corrupts the display in the text consoles.

If you file a bug in freedesk.org against the driver for the videocard that you use, I would be interested in the bug # and driver. If I didn't notice that the mga problem happened at the same time that the green border for mga and blue border for Intel 815 cards, I would still be clueless and concentrating on the i810 driver which has recent history related to breakage.
In freedesk.org, you can select the component from the pulldown menu for your specific video card. I set up a bug common to the server and am trying to related which drivers are influenced directly by this library file. It is interesting as to how many different problems are caused by some code change or compilation tainting with the library.
White screens, blue borders, garbled displays in the GUI and in a terminal, good GUI but blank terminals, wrapped text and on.

The bug for cross-referencing is below. I am not trying to pin this on the library itself, but it seems to be the major trigger for various driver strangeness with FC4.



"I've finally learned what `upward compatible' means.	It means we
 get to keep all our old mistakes."
-- Dennie van Tassel

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