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Re: various missing packages in FC4

Am Mittwoch, den 22.06.2005, 21:06 -0400 schrieb Amadeus W. M.:
> Besides pan, which now everybody knows, where did gv and gtkam go?
> Is there a replacement for gtkam? Or do I leave my pictures on the camera?
> Also, what's the scoop with mixing repositories? I'd really like mplayer,
> transcode, dvdauthor, ffmpeg, but the only place I can find them is
> ayo.freshrpms.net. 

First, all the programms you mentioned are not free enough to be
included by default into Fedora. Some googling around has helped you out
as this was discussed several Times now.

> If I can't get these from 3rd party repositories, can
> there be non-fedora, but fedora-compatible multimedia repository? 

Ehrm, what do you think is freshrpms for? 

It is a repository for FC*

> And what's up with apt?

a.) Why apt? Use Yum.
b.) Seems like there are no mirrors in the Package.

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