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Re: Screensaver on FC 4

Am Mi, den 22.06.2005 schrieb Tony Nelson um 21:28:

> >The topic has been covered multiple times since FC4 is out. Please check
> >the list archive before posting.
> Does searching the list archives work for you?  It doesn't work for me.
> For example, searching for "xscreensaver" in June or even May produces no
> results.  Searching the whole list produces results from 2003.  A Google
> search for:

> TonyN.:'                       <mailto:tonynelson georgeanelson com>


I must confess that I do not use the search function which Red Hat's
site offers. My favourite search location is


which has been very reliable for me in the way, that I found nearly
everything I was searching for in the past (often enough to give
pointers to previous discussions). Our unofficial user#s guide for this


mentions this search list at the bottom in point 3. And searching there
for "xscreenserver" lists following hits:


If you now just pay attention to the recent hits (from FC4 release date
onwards) it lasts not even 1 minute to know the answer :)


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