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Re: FC3 screen freezes

On Wed, 22 Jun 2005, Kenny Gow wrote:

Nancy Merckle wrote:
Hi, All

I'm new to FC3. A friend installed it for me over the Memorial Day weekend. On several occasions over a 15-18 day time frame, when I came upstairs to work on it, I found the screen frozen. (Other times it was fine.) The only way I could get the system back was a reset or power down. Then one night after work I came home to find the screen waiting on input for the xorg.config program. Since I didn't know how to handle it (then) I quit out of it and did some Internet research.

Have you tried disabling the openGL screensavers? Just a guess, but in the past I remember having some problems with screen lockups with some openGL screensavers so I deselected them. Also had some issues with the screensaver power management of my monitor.

You didn't mention whether the screen lockups happened when you were logged in or logged out (with the login screen showing). I've had some different screen lockup issues with the login screen which I finally solved by adding a ServerFlags section to my xorg.conf file.


Thanks for the reply Kenny.

I'm not familiar with what you mean by openGL screensavers. I was able to get FC4 installed tonight, and the screensaver is disabled.

As for the lockups, the only common thing I can think of is that I wasn't doing anything in Linux for every occurance except one. That time I think I confused things and it went into a kernel panic. (That was with MEPIS).
It happens most often when I leave the machine powered on overnight or while I'm at work.

As for how I left the machine, I tried different things. Leaving it on the startup screen, and with my account open. I left it on the Linux side and on the Windows side of the kvm and it didn't seem to make a difference.

I haven't decided how I'm going to leave it tonight, for its first "test" with FC4. I'll also look into the the ServerFlags.


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